Inspired by /nownownow; last updated 3/2/18

where I am

  • Charlottesville, Virginia (home)
  • Alexandria, Virginia (2/27/18)

what I’m learning

  • Universal 8
  • Tornado kicks

what I’m working on

  • My red belt in karate
  • Finalizing summer camps for the kids
  • Taxes
  • Booking travel for a trip to the Pacific Northwest
  • Renewing my passport
  • Booking accommodations for a trip to Asheville, NC
  • Upgrading our videoconferencing equipment at the office
  • Launching this /now page

what I’m reading

what I’m watching/attending

  • Black Panther
  • My son’s league championship basketball game
  • C-BIZ launch party

what I’m listening to

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